What should You know before Selling a Product?

by Ashwin on September 27, 2010

Sell Product

Many of us are excited, when a Product Idea tops our mind.  But an Idea in itself, is just not enough to go ahead and Create the Product. There are many other aspects, that are essential for a Succesful Product!

Here are some essentials to know and be clear about, before getting on with the Product Development.


A Lesson learned from Bryan, put to use!

by Ashwin on September 25, 2010

I had the privilege of watching the session SEO Copywriting Made Simple for Freelance Writers, by Brian Clark yesterday in the International Freelancers Day.

Here is a lesson I learned and put to use, almost immediately!


How to Keep your Blogging Motivation Alive?

by Ashwin on September 24, 2010


I have seen many, who Start a Blog, Love and Live with it for sometime and finally Lose the Motivation and let it die.  A lot of hard work in Building the Blog, gets wasted for the Loss of Motivation. If you are one, don’t worry!

There are many others like you and I am one of them too.  Here are a few solid tips to keep your Blogging Motivation Alive!


A Killer eBook on Online Marketing!

by Ashwin on September 23, 2010

Online Marketing of Websites and Products are getting challenging everyday.

With a lot of competition around, my friend Derek Halpern has released a Killer eBook to help you with this!


5 Ideas to Start Selling Stuff on the Internet!

by Ashwin on September 23, 2010

Have you been waiting awhile to Start Selling Stuff on the Internet? If yes, there is no better time to Start, than now.

Here are 5 Simple Ideas to Start Selling on the Internet. These Ideas are meant to be a Spark, to invoke your Creative Mind to get into the race!

Are you planning to move from Shared Hosting to Managed VPS Hosting? Do you have the Domain Names registered with GoDaddy and want to use them with your VPS?

Here is a step-by-step tutorial to help you do it!

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