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" Vinastats is a free service to keep track of happenings in the Internet Market "
Somelines About Us
What is Vinastats?

Site Analytics Center is a free service to keep track of happenings in the Internet Market

Here you will find detailed analytics data for popular websites, before they are seen anywhere. Every monday, the index is updated with fresh visitor statistics of all participating sites. The service is completely free of charge.

Web analytics
Web analytics is the practice of tracking, measuring and analyzing data & statistics from websites. One of the largest strengths with internet marketing compared to traditional marketing is that it is much easier to track. Today you can track almost anything, and we will help you.
We are great on improving conversion rates and creating interaction between you and your target group(s).
Show you are on our Index
By adding up the small Javascript widget on your sites, you can show that you are on our index. Also this helps you to easily show the visitor statistics for your site, without doing anything!
Week 36 Statistics
Index Total  -72.46%
Entertainment  -75.28%
Fashion  -68.54%
Health  -72.9%
Big Increase  +66.67%  +9.09%  +0.73%
Big Decrease  -36.26%  -10.39%  -4.63%
Big Increase (Network)
Big Decrease (Network)
Bangkok Network  -10.39%
Tokyo Network  -4.63%
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